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Tee off with power, drive with accuracy, and putt with precision!

A Little Bit of... Nintendo Touch Golf is a realistic golf simulation that makes full use of the Touch Screen to offer in-depth control over your actions. Vary shot power, apply topspin or backspin, and more, all with a touch of the Nintendo DSi stylus.

There are two main modes to choose from, for beginners and experts alike. Round Mode offers play across 3-, 9- or 18-hole courses, each with varying difficulty levels and some in an exciting tournament setting.

Challenge Mode puts a unique new spin on golf, with a wide selection of special tasks to complete. By completing tasks in Challenge Mode you can improve your character’s skills, and unlock new courses in Round Mode.

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Posted by James Newton

A hole in one or simply par for the course?

Nintendo's "A Little Bit of..." series of DSiWare releases has received criticism in some quarters for offering severely cut-down versions of full titles at barely reduced prices. Well, A Little Bit of... Nintendo Touch Golf survives the...

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I don't own this retail game, but I have played it. Its actually surprisingly good. I think I will download it as a dsiware title. I wouldn't buy the retail though personally.



WarioFan63 said:

Oh actually, we did get it here as True Swing Golf. Unless you're talking about the DSiWare version.



Sylverstone said:

Hmmm... More golf?

I'm not sure I'd spring for this, considering the fact that I never got the other "Express/A Little Bit Of..." titles.



FairgroundTown said:

800 Points? You're kidding? For that, I expect 'Quite A Lot Of...'

(And, yer - I know - it is a lot less than a retail cart, but, Apple have changed the rules, and it looks like someone hasn't noticed yet.)



Skrubber said:

Wasn't this game kinda light on content to begin with? The full boxed game is already out of print and can be found for about the same price as this, so there is no reason for this down scaled realase.

Nintendo, you make me sick.



Kyloctopus said:

A real non Mario, Cool Graffix, Nice Music, Lots of Variety golf game made by Nintendo sounds good.



cheapogamer4life said:

Resently picked up the cart version of this one at Gamestop for only $4.99. Yay me . Its o.k. if not on the easy side, but I think Tiger Woods 08 for the DS is better Golf game. However this one is worth 800 np,s IMHO.

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