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Sudoku takes center stage in this edition of the popular Brain Age series. Solve a variety of puzzles at three different skill levels using the touch screen and an intuitive interface. Track your progress by completing three tests and finding out your Brain Age.

The unique charm of the Brain Age series and the challenge of sudoku make for an enjoyable combination. Prepare for another round of training your brain in minutes a day.

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Posted by Adam

The best Sudoku experience on DSiWare yet?

The DSi is quickly becoming the place to be for Sudoku fans with three different titles already available on the service – a fair amount considering the overall amount of games currently released. “A little Bit of…Brain Training Sudoku” is the...

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jhuhn said:

Brain Age Sudoku would be a nice download hoping there are thousands of puzzles to try out, rather than the meer 150 in Sudoku Master.



legochesser said:

I like this, I like the sudoku in Brain Training, when i't releases, I'll dowload it! (If I've then enough Nintendo Poins xD)



legochesser said:

Can't download, point are all used :(
I hope Nintendo includes more than only 100 Sudoku puzzles, because Sudoku master haves 150 of them!




Actually, there should be 200 puzzles in this package surely and not 100. Also, I thought it was going to be 200 points not 500!



PowerGlitch said:

Why there're so many Sudoku games on the DSiWare?!?! If I want a Sudoku, I will go on the Internet and find one FREE! There're so much more games that are so nice (Flipnote Studio, The Game&Watch Series, Dragon Quest Wars, Flipper, Pop Island and much more!!!)



PowerGlitch said:

@Prochnow I understand what you want to mean. Puzzle games on DSiWare are really nice. But what I tried to say is: "Sometimes, Nintendo release one game a week. Me, I don't want to play Sudoku, because I played too much of this. So, it's like if they don't release any games (3 games of Sudoku = 3 weeks without games). To people who want to play to a Sudoku in the train or in bed, they can simply buy a book of Sudoku or print a page of Sudoku from the Web."



Hardy83 said:

Hudson made their two games, which were fine, and Nintendo make this game before the DSi even came out. So they eventually had to be released.

Hopefully that'll be it though, since that's more then enough Sudoku to satisfy a normal human being.

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