5 in 1 Solitaire (DSiWare)

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Now you can play five of the most popular solitaire games on your DSiā„¢!

5 in 1 Solitaire features the always popular Klondike, Spider and FreeCell games as well as the unique Golf and Gaps versions of solitaire. Each of these versions has a unique gameplay style that is easy enough for any novice player to enjoy, but will also challenge the expert solitaire player.

If you're new to all the solitaire variants, you'll also be able to view tutorials for each game, as well as track your scores and gaming stats to see your progress.

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Posted by Desiree Turner

Five games for the price of two

So far, Digital Leisure hasn't done the greatest job of bringing public-domain games to WiiWare or DSiWare. Sudoku Challenge wasn't challenging in quite the right way, and Word Searcher only worked on DSiWare because word searches were meant to be...

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Morpheel said:

this game better be very crappy or i will be mad at nintendo for releasing touch solitaire first.



Kyloctopus said:

Well if you want to play many kinds of solitaire with some difficulty (I mean getting one place to another like spider to klondike) then get this, but if you just want simplicity and focus then get touch solitaire.



ClickMaster said:

Why Would I get two in one when I could get Five in One?

Thank God I saw this, I was about to buy 2 in 1.



Cengoku said:

A comment after 2 years lol: My wife and I love this game. We're often playing it (almost 40 hours gameplay for only 2 euros)

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