18th Gate (DSiWare)

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In the realm of oblivion, an abandoned palace hides many valuable treasures, but those who enter this place have no real hope of ever escaping.

You play as three different heroes. Journey through 18 different dungeon areas, facing various challenges, including random monsters, traps, limited turns and hidden paths.

Game Features:

  • Adventure through a dungeon with 18 different area
  • Random enemies, traps, and bonus items
  • Play with 3 playable heroes at the same time, each with different abilities and skills

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Posted by Mike Mason

Dungeon crawler

18th Gate is not a game for the easily bored. It's a fairly basic strategy RPG that has you edging through – yes – 18 dungeons to the magical portal gates at the end, with the caveat that you only have a limited number of turns to escape from each...

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User Comments (8)



Joygame51 said:

I think I might like this game very much I hope it does not take 3 years to get to the Dsiware shop. Heck as of this date Spirit hunters is still a Month away.... and how long did that take ??????



Joygame51 said:

I suppose folks in Europe think the same thing when some "GOOD" game comes to USA first... ahhh well !



Joygame51 said:

Thanks for the link to the DDL.net You just saved me 500 points. DANG, and I was really waiting for this ....!!!
I still have 800 points to my name and I'm gonna keep them and not waste them on this.

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