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When Wario sees a television series about a thieving master of disguises, he dives through the TV screen, steals the thief's quick-change wand and takes over the whole show. Episode after episode, he breaks into exotic locations, like a luxury liner, watery ruins and an Egyptian pyramid!

  • Draw Wario's eight disguises: By sketching a symbol on Wario, the player puts Wario in outfits that give him powers, such as Thief Wario's tackles and Cosmic Wario's laser blasts. The player also uses the stylus to wield the powers.
  • Explore environments: Wario travels the globe in 10 missions that span nine exotic locations. The player must attack many enemies found in each location and also use Wario's disguises to get past puzzling obstacles.
  • Play minigames to unlock chests: To pick the lock of each chest, the player must play one of eight stylus-driven minigames that grow more difficult as the game progresses.

Game storyline: Over the 10 episodes of "his" new TV show, Wario travels the globe in search of treasure to steal. Along the way, he discovers that there's a far greater prize to be had: an ancient artifact that grants wishes. Now if he can only find it before his rival, the master thief whose show (and powers of disguise) he's stolen.

How to progress through the game: Using the Thief Wario disguise, players run, high-jump and tackle their way through each episode. They'll need to switch to other disguises, frequently one after the other, to fight and puzzle through rooms full of obstacles and enemies. Players use buttons to run and jump while using the stylus to affect Wario and his environment, and they can watch the top screen map to keep their bearings in the levels.

At the start of the game, players will have only one disguise (Thief Wario) and will discover more as they proceed through the game. Players can return to previous episodes with the power to use all currently held disguises, making it possible to explore more areas and gather even more hidden treasures. Each episode ends in a boss fight that challenges players to use a variety of disguises to defeat it.

Characters: Wario is joined by his new sidekick, a wand that lets him change into eight different disguises. He's also pursued by the master thief who wants his wand back, and who still has plenty of high-tech tricks up his sleeve. The episodes also feature more characters in search of the ancient artifact, plus dozens of new creatures. Wario's friendly new wand helps him switch disguises. Players use the stylus to draw a key piece of each disguise onto Wario to activate the change. The wand explains how to sketch these quick-changes in a tutorial.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Wario opens locked treasure chests by completing one of eight random minigames that grow harder, faster and more complex as the game progresses. If the players succeed, they'll get the treasure, key item or disguise power-up found specifically in that chest. If the player fails, the chest remains locked, the chest spits out exploding bombs and the player may return to try the chest (with a different minigame) again.

Game Review

Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Master of Mediocrity

After WarioWare took off, it seemed like that was all everybody's favourite antihero was up to, save for a Wii instalment of the Wario Land series. In truth, there was also an attempt at a Wario platformer on the DS, though it is quite easy to see why not...

Game Review

DS Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Not even a master could disguise this mess

Wario games have always stood out as being excellent venues for experimental game design. He challenged death in games by going immortal for a spell, helped Nintendo test the waters with motion control across multiple games and platforms and for the most...

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qiliieun said:

i actually found this game to be good but it lacked a certain element that made it feel less like a wario game............ to bad i lost it

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