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An epic story involving three generations of one family. The story begins at childhood, as our hero travels around the world with Papas, his father.

After many exciting encounters he grows into a young man. He is now ready to depart for the greatest adventure, with the courage of his father, beating strong in his heart.

Awaiting him is an amazing world and the biggest choice he will have to make in his entire life…


  • The first appearance of a never-before-seen, classic DRAGON QUEST adventure in Europe!
  • Exotica Net allows you to swap items with fellow DRAGON QUEST: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride players, even with your console on standby.
  • Experience a unique, charming story that follows the life of a young boy on his journey to become a hero. Along the way you will meet various friends, enemies and even find a bride and start a family.
  • A vast, beautiful and colourful world to explore - with even more colourful characters to meet, monsters to battle and secret treasures to find.
  • Recruit monsters to your party and arm them so they join you in battle.
  • A complete audio/visual overhaul breathes new life into a classic with advanced 3D graphics and an arranged orchestral score.

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