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Leafgreenmary said:

I am really hyped for this game and have already preordered it. I hope that your spouse actually helps you on your farm this game, because while I really liked A New Beginning, it was a little disappointing they hardly helped you. Also, we need more games that include marriage options, because I would buy them in an instant!



crzysortagamer said:

@Leafgreenmary I heard it was pushed, but I can't find any valid sources. I watched linandko on YouTube and kinda lost my hype. I put 80 hours in new beginning and honestly was disappointed with forgettable characters and weak story. SoS suffers from this from what I see, but fixes a lot of other things bad with NB. I am really hoping for good reviews, as this may be the game that makes or breaks my ever coming back to this series. Let me know if you hear anything!! ^-^



Leafgreenmary said:

Date of release changed to March 10 2015.....-_- but the pre-order bonus came in too! A bunny pocket thing. You can get one on Amazon if you pre-order.

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