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Enjoy a wealth of homegrown food, friendship and romance in the return of gaming's most beloved farming series!

Best-selling farming/life simulation game of all time returns
Longtime series producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto returns to lead a veteran 'Bokujo Monogatari' development team as the series is reborn in the West with its new name, STORY OF SEASONS.

Extensive character and farm customization
After creating unique farmers based on each player's preference of gender, hair style and facial features, the real work begins as players tend to crops, animals and anything else required to earn a living in order to gather the resources to start customizing and expanding their farms.

A heart-throbbing romance heats up the peaceful farm life
A variety of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes live in the town for players to woo, with the hope of growing close and possibly even getting married and raising a family together.

Use the game's StreetPass functionality to fill your town with visiting farmers or connect locally to Nintendo Wi-Fi to visit your friends and farm together!

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Rewriting the story

Have you ever wanted to leave it all? Just pack your bags, move to a completely new place and start a brand new life? If you've ever wanted to see what it's like to start fresh, now is your chance with the release of Marvelous' latest farming simulation...

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Leafgreenmary said:

I am really hyped for this game and have already preordered it. I hope that your spouse actually helps you on your farm this game, because while I really liked A New Beginning, it was a little disappointing they hardly helped you. Also, we need more games that include marriage options, because I would buy them in an instant!



crzysortagamer said:

@Leafgreenmary I heard it was pushed, but I can't find any valid sources. I watched linandko on YouTube and kinda lost my hype. I put 80 hours in new beginning and honestly was disappointed with forgettable characters and weak story. SoS suffers from this from what I see, but fixes a lot of other things bad with NB. I am really hoping for good reviews, as this may be the game that makes or breaks my ever coming back to this series. Let me know if you hear anything!! ^-^



Leafgreenmary said:

Date of release changed to March 10 2015.....-_- but the pre-order bonus came in too! A bunny pocket thing. You can get one on Amazon if you pre-order.



GamingGirl said:

Correct on the March 10 date..........I cant wait either!!........but I did love New Beginnings........I really liked being able to move the crops and the house and such..........some of the characters drove me nuts though........like the innkeeper who complained about the lack of lights out in the boonies in my game! He was never happy.....even after I built him a really nice Inn to run? People!!!



GamingGirl said:

Oh no you just made me cry!!! Big tears too! Really the end of March? Dog it all ............ok I will find something else to do until then ....hey thanks for the heads up .........I will keep loving my Harvest Moon and will wait patiently for it to come out!



Geoslim18 said:

XSEED really needs to settle on a release date. i preordered this in august when the release was new years eve then it was bumped to feb 10 then march 10 now march 31. why cant they just pick a date and stick with it. if it is about bugs then do what all the recent 3ds games have been doing and just release updates since we all know there is no such thing as a bug free game



Geoslim18 said:

It turns out that the release date of March 31 is the official release date and all the other RDs were placeholders and not official dates. so while it may have said that it would be released in December of last year as well as Feb 10 and March 10 of this year those were not official dates but just estimates.



Leafgreenmary said:

.......................................well, I can accept that. I don't want to be some childish rage person, so I can understand that businesses have other things to deal with. Just annoyed since I also pre ordered the game around August.
Are you getting a New 3ds?



Geoslim18 said:

got a new 3ds 1 week after MH4U launch and am loving the system. but must say i am looking forward to some more relaxing gaming since i have been playing nothing but MH4U and Fantasy Life for the past few weeks. it gets exhausting after playing a fast paced game like MH4U and a medium paced game like FL so a slow and calming gaming experience like that i got from ANB is welcome relief. i did get the lost valley played it for an hour then never played it again so i really need a REAL game from the series not just a mine craft ripoff with some bokumono elements.



Sylveon said:

Just one week from tomorrow--finally!! Not that I'll be able to get it day one, but it sure has been pushed back many times, lol. Been waiting forever. Though I wish nintendolife would add the release date+art since it's coming so soon?



Geoslim18 said:

for tose interested in what the mario crops do check out ushi no tane the person who runs it has already released info on other things such as marriage house upgrades and a new greenhouse that seems alot better than the original one.
@Sylveon check my march 2nd post for info on the RD.



Geoslim18 said:

@Leafgreenmary not yet im probably just gonna wing it. you can see some gameplay on linandko's channel on youtube which is what i have been using to try to come up with a plan



gregrout said:

No review yet... I hope this is just because it's in progress. If it's because reviewers didn't get the game pre-release it's typically a bad sign... Fingers crossed, hopefully the real team behind the Harvest Moon IP will deliver another gem like Rune Factory 4.

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