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One Piece epic Grand Line’s adventure, makes its debut, in a punchy RPG, on Nintendo 3DS™. Experience a brand new way to explore the Grand Line with One Piece Romance Dawn on Nintendo 3DS.

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Posted by Robert Hughes

Just give it up, Luffy

Anyone would be forgiven for thinking crafting a decent RPG from the lore of established anime juggernaut One Piece would be a simple task; the bombastic characters, epic quests and thrilling battles the series is known for should, in theory, make for an...

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3dcaleb said:

damn japan is so lucky they already have multiple one piece games. i love this show i hope the game lives up to it. i doubt the game comes out here on the 28th like it says in EU/UK but if i buy one off ebay or whatever will it play in my USA 3DS? someone let me know if theyve ever played a european game in their usa 3ds please. i want this game asap!!!!



jhuhn said:

Game will get a North America release after all, as their website has confirmed a release of the retail game and a downloadable version from the 3DS eShop for Q1 2014.

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