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Konohana and Bluebell villages were once the friendliest of neighbors.

Then a huge dispute erupted between them over, of all things, food! Both towns were certain that their cooking was the best in the world. This feud has transformed these happy neighbors into bitter rivals.

As a new farmer to the area, players choose which village to live in. Will it be Eastern-styled Konohana with its abundant fields of crops, or the animal-loving, European-styled Bluebell?

Players will pick a home, build a thriving farm, and compete in a huge variety of festivals. If they develop their skills enough, and they might even find a way to bring these two towns together once again!

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Posted by James Newton

Come a cropper

Marvelous, Natsume and Rising Star Games certainly feel like they're onto a high-yield crop with Harvest Moon; Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns might be the first 3DS entry but it's the eighth HM game in five years. Any concerns that the creative...

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matsuken717 said:

I remember playing this on the gameboy advance has lots of fun =)
Hope there's enough freshness in this to make me want to buy it.



happyharvest7 said:

cant wait for this one gamestop has a street date of sept. not a specific date in 2011 but at least we know sept of 11 right



Joe1113 said:


~Sigh.............if only this could be one of the nintendo ambassador games




Joe1113 said:

you can switch towns in the last week at the end of each month but itll cost you like 2000g



S1L3NTJ said:

Great game!! My mom has played this game 259 times and has 551 hours into the game and still hasn't beat it.



Sgt_Ludby said:

Hey everyone!

Does anyone know how this game is? I'm not sure if I should get it or not.



linzyking said:

@Mahary I wish they would hurry up on that release. Ive been waiting for it ever since the 3 ds came out. I'm really disappointed.



Candy811 said:

Looking for active players to add.
I also pre-ordered Harvest Moon 3D A New Beginning



jecca_1215 said:

I couldn't get into this game very well. I haven't got past Spring of the 1st year yet so I'm hoping I will like it better the more I play! What I have played is pretty decent though!

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