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"What's your favorite Scary Movie?"

Male, 20, United States

I'm currently a junior turning senior in high school. I'm 17. I love video games, t.v., and movies. I freakin' love my Nintendo 3DS so very much, and I plan on getting a Wii U and a PS4 in the future. I don't know what else to say..... :/

Wed 3rd Aug 2011

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Joe1113 commented on You'll Be Able To Choose Bulbasaur, Charmander...:

@Xtremetdifan Does TDI stand for Total Drama Island, because it's the best show ever. The new season looks to be beast.

And, I don't know who I'm going to pick as my second starters in my 2 games, but I'm still more excited about the new starters. Guess I'm one of few... :/



Joe1113 commented on Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite ...:

Granted Nintendo is nice enough to even do this, but the only thing I like is Super Smash Bros, but alas I don't have a Wii U yet. Sigh I guess I'm stuck with either Super Mario Land or that calendar.........



Joe1113 commented on Lots of Sonic Lost World Wii U and 3DS Footage...:

It almost makes me think that they're doing mario galaxy/ mario land 3d for sonic lost world. The wii u version seems similar to super mario galaxy and the 3ds version seems similar to super mario 3d land. Anybody else notice this?



Joe1113 commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

I'm reading the old comments from like last year and beyond on this page, and I've got to say. I feel really bad for the people who were anticipating this game's release long ago, I mean, there were numerous rumored and placeholder dates that people clung to, only to be shot down. Don't get me wrong, I've been waiting since 2010 like some, but I've basically ignored it(purposefully) until like last fall so I didn't get too hyped up too quickly only to have to wait for an unknown future release date. Some people must have had a torturous 3 years wait. Now, with 11 days to go, I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED!



Joe1113 commented on Natsume's Hometown Story Will Be Playable at E3:

Love HM, so this is a no-brainer day 1 for sure. It looks very similar to normal HM gameplay, but i still think it looks good nonetheless. I want an acutal HM game this year(FINGERS CROSSED XX) even though its not looking very likely for Japan, let alone the us right now. Maybe next year.



Joe1113 commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

I'm planning to get the Wii U no doubt, and I was contemplating getting the PS4 and/or XBOX1, but now that I know there's fees for used games, and that online connectivity is mandatory, there is NO WAY I'm getting an XBOX1. For one, I'd like to say that not all of us gamers have online connectivity for our gaming devices, and second that Ive never had an Xbox 360 or PS3, and I barely touched my Wii(I however loved the Gamecube and PS2 before them), and that they have lost a potential customer in me. Looks like the only way I'd get an Xbox1 is if drops out of the sky on my front doorstep.



Joe1113 commented on Video: Sonic Lost World Debut Trailer Blasts A...:

Hm, I'm not sure how to feel about this. It looks visually appealing, and I'm pretty sure it'll be good. The thing is though, that sonic just hasn't been as original & fun since the older games, my favorite being Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and I feel like theyre trying to force just a lot of 'new' onto us without emphasizing what made the original games great. Such as the storylines, for example, I mean, these 6 new villians just seem stupid(based on first impressions). I miss games like SA2:B, also they need some great multiplayer. Nonetheless, I won't judge it entirely until I get the game, this is just my first impression.



Joe1113 commented on Review: Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (3DS):

Harvest Moon and Pokemon are tied as my favorite video game series'. This is by far my current favorite 3ds title. Its extremely fun and addictive; the only downside is the slow start during the first spring. I PERSONALLY would give it a 10+/10, but this 8/10 is exceptional.



Joe1113 commented on Poster Hints At An Eevee-Themed 3DS XL Set For...:

You know what I immediately thought when i saw this picture? It looks like eevee's evolving in the new game. I mean if you think about it, there have been 2d pictures of all the 6th gen pokemon released so far, so maybe theyre still incorporating the 2d sprites somehow; with evolution as one way of them doing it.

@Tysonoftime The reason for it looking weird may be that its a newly drawn 2d sprite of eevee