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Thu 27th Dec 2012

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jecca_1215 commented on Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic:

I unlocked all the recipes pretty fast yet not all the accessories and what not But I loved the game. Just haven't played in awhile because the recipes were getting boring after making them 5 times each....



jecca_1215 commented on Super Mario 3D Land:

To me, this game can be quite hard on some levels. Other levels are almost too easy. But it's a Mario game.... you gotta love it!



jecca_1215 commented on Style Savvy: Trendsetters:

This game is so fun!!! I love it! I dress my character in new clothes everyday and it never gets old! The games season changes with your real life season! So cool.



jecca_1215 commented on Mario Kart 7:

I love this game! It's so fun. Although I hate how much faster some people are than me :/



jecca_1215 commented on Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns:

I couldn't get into this game very well. I haven't got past Spring of the 1st year yet so I'm hoping I will like it better the more I play! What I have played is pretty decent though!



jecca_1215 commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

This version has so much more to do!! I can't wait for it to come out! Decorate your town, swim, be the mayor, and you can even change your pants AND shoes this time. Trust me; they are making this one awesome!!