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IRONFALL Invasion is a third-person sci-fi shooter, available to download from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS family systems, including Nintendo 2DS.

IRONFALL Invasion contains some free content, allowing you to try out the game by playing the first mission of the adrenaline-pumping campaign or local and online multiplayer clashes with one arena, one character and two weapons. You can choose to expand your enjoyment with the purchasable IRONFALL Invasion: Campaign or IRONFALL Invasion: Multiplayer modes, available to purchase separately from within the game, or together as a bundle.

In IRONFALL Invasion: Campaign, join the resistance and reclaim Earth from an army of invaders who won't go down without a fight! Take aim at the menacing Dyxides, an alien civilisation that has seized control of the planet. With the numbers stacked against you and a relentless war raging wherever you go, make careful use of cover and find vantage points to advance upon your enemies. Use a wide range of weapons to fight your cause and take back the planet at all costs!

In IRONFALL Invasion: Multiplayer, jump into intense battles with up to six players in local and online multiplayer matches. Face all the other players at once in a free-for-all frenzy, or work together in teams of two or three.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Iron Man

Announced briefly last year and shown off in a recent Nintendo Direct, IRONFALL Invasion certainly turned some heads. It's one of the very few third person shooters available on the 3DS, developed by the relatively unknown VD-Dev - although it's been...

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User Comments (12)



Xtremetdifan said:

This looks very Gears of warish, me gusta a 3rd person shooter coming to 3ds, and its in 3D? Day one buy... Depending on the price...



WinterWarm said:

Guys! We're so close! Spring ends June 19! I hope this doesn't get delayed. :D

EDIT: VD Dev Games announced on their Twitter page the game launch has been delayed out of Spring. Dang it.



McGruber said:

The developer has recently stated on Twitter that the game is 90% finished and will release at the end of the year / early 2015



IrishGuy said:

Loving the Gears of War vibes from this! Day 1 buy for me! Cant wait for tomorrow!!

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