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According to the site, it will be out for Europe on the 15th and soon after for the US.



That's awesome(5)! Can't wait. Thanks.

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awesome news # 5 thank u



So we may get it on the 18th... (optimism)

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I'm very sad...One, because we won't be getting it for awhile longer, and two, because it and Majora's Mask/Smash Brothers/Any other awesome 300th game, might come out on the same day. How could I choose!?

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So have anyone bought this yet? I'd like to hear something about the multiplayer mode especially.



Just saw a video of Swords & Soldiers recently. It looked great. I'm sold on it. Now I just wish Nintendo would release the game (in the U.S. ).

You know, I'd love it if they released Majora's Mask and Swords & Soldiers on Monday. That would really make up for all the awful Virtual Console & Wiiware games we've been getting lately. And hey, I do have the points to buy both of 'em!

edit: I saw an update at Ign. The guy who posted the review for S&S said that the developer said the game won't be out on Monday. sigh I bet we'll just get some more Wiiware shovelware game then. Nintendo is still debating about when S&S will come to the U.S. blah

Hope we get Majora's Mask on Monday. Doubt it though...

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