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i am,this game originaly came out in 2004 now being moved to the wii for wii ware check these reviews. and this one with review and trailer. but tell me what you think if you have it



I've been playing the PC version, and I'm DEFINITELY eager to play it on WiiWare

i would definitely prefer the wii-mote over the keyboard anyday lol


I just wish that this game would come out already.

I rule when it comes to games. So deal with it.


me to i cant wait aparently its coming this summer so from here to september



Yea and then in September or sometime around then we are suppose to get Night Game. Another game I can not wait for.

I rule when it comes to games. So deal with it.





Little bit.

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Yeah, it looks cool.

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if this game plays anything like the pc version it should get a 10 /10. im very hyped about this. the best platformer i've played since mario.i could go on and on why everyone should atleast play the pc version first since its free.

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You better believe that I'm hyped for this game! It feels like I've been waiting for an eternity for Cave Story to come out!



Not really since I already played the PC version almost to the end so the value would be greatly reduced for me. Might still pick it up if it has enough new stuff but I'm not hyped for it.

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I'm looking forward to it. I'm rubbish when it comes to controlling sidescrolling/platform games using a keyboard.
Only got about 20 minutes in to it before giving up as I found it (the controlling) too hard.
Was made up when I heard it was being released on WiiWare.

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I never heard of Cave Story before it was announced for WiiWare. Platformers are one of my favorite genres (probably because Super Mario Bros. was my first contact with video games) and Cave Story looks great so far, so yeah, I'm very hyped.
I played the PC version a little and I liked it a lot. Didn't play it too much, though, because I want to enjoy the improved WiiWare version when it comes out.

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thanks peeps keep sending stuff in



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