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I was wondering something and decided to share an idea, which can be developed into something big and useful to many people.There are many developers, who can't afford to make games for Nintendo, not because they don't want to, but because they don't have the money to do it or to be financially successful.So what I was thinking was using kickstarter or making a site with paypal donations or something like that, which main idea can be gaining money to fund games to be released on wii u or 3ds.I know that we can't just say I want GTA 5 on Wii U.Lets contact Rockstar games.This won't happen!But a lot of indie developers will be glad to work for wii U, if they are in the right financial sitatuion to do so.
What do you think about that - do you think that something like this can be done.I'm sure that a lot of people will apprecaite it.



Well that is basically what some devs are doing with kickstarter already.

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To answer your question many developers have wii u stretch goals, but they aren't their main goals and most of the times they are unrealistic.The only wii u exclusive game with successfull kickstarter campaign was shovel knight.Also many developers won't bother with kickstarter.The idea here is to have the money and give the developers what they to make the game.
I'll give an example.
1000 people contribute 10$ for the cause
Everybody who contributes can cast a vote on which game he likes to be ported to Wii U.And then we contact the developers with the games mentioned most times.The next step is talking money with the developes.
I know there are flaws, but the main idea is here.If there are other entusiasts, we can talk more.



The current issue is that the Nintendo WiiU isn't quite financially stable enough for Indie Developers to even consider developing for the system just yet. The audience and money purely doesn't exist (yet). As though we're all to consistently hearing about these Indie "Success" stories, the fair majority of Indie Developers actually plummet dramatically due to a certain lack in sales. So even if these games were to appear on the eShop, there's currently no promise of them actually being financially successful.

So as consumers, our biggest ability to assist the eShop and transform it into a marketable platform is to actively support and purchase those games that are currently situated upon it. So essentially, pull out your wallets and consider the possibility of actively throwing a few pennies at those games/developers who were willing to take the risk of developing for the WiiU

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I'd be up for this, to be honest. I think it could work, if (and it's a big if), you can get enough people on board.



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