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Hey Armikroggers!

April was crazy-busy and we missed sending out an update, but wait no more — here's the latest Armikrog news!

Game Release

The biggest bit of news is that we've decided to push Armikrog's release date back a few months, closer to the end of 2014. Yes, I know...not the news that everyone wants to hear, but our goal is to bring you the best possible game experience, and adding some time to the schedule will be really good for the project.

Over the course of creating the game, we've added puzzles, levels and story to help expand the Armikrog universe and make for a better game overall. But as we've been getting closer to the release date, we found ourselves trying to figure out what we could cut in order to make the July deadline. This just didn't seem right. So, by extending the schedule, we'll be able to include the additional material and create a richer experience.

Does this mean we'll need more money? Nope, we'll be stretching our current budget to cover the extra production time. Does this mean the rewards will be shipped later too? Yes. The game is our top priority so the extended schedule will push rewards back as well.

So the game will be released before the end of 2014. We really appreciate your patience on this, as we know you're excited to play the game. Once we have an exact date, we'll include the info in an update.

I can wait a few more months for a little more content

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I heard about this game from somewhere. It looks pretty good!


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A little disappointed it's being delayed, but sill, I'm glad it means it will be even better!

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From Pencil Test Studios: "Just a quick update with some great news about the Wii U version of Armikrog. Yesterday we heard from Nintendo that the game has passed certification and will be released on Tuesday, August 23rd!"



That was a long delay

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Oh! eShop Gurus.

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When is it coming to EU?


I have a WiiU code if anyone wants it(europe) , I won't use it anyway (no longer have a WiiU).

The code is:

The code is for EU btw



@jongred Condolences on the passing of your Wii U, but congratulations for being so awesome as to share that code - I snaffled it right up just now, thank you good sire. I'm putting you straight on my 'cool dude' list, and rather high up too.

Here, share some cake with me:


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@gcunit You are very much welcome.

Yeah I miss my WiiU a bit but I think I'll hold out for the NX.

Hope you like the game and have a great weekend.



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