Topic: How long do you think the eShop on WiiU and Wii Shop will stay open?

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I wonder how long... Wii Shop is still open... that means it's been open since 2006. that's almost 11 years already.

I better hurry up and go buy some games on the Wii Shop and might as well splurge and hit up the WiiU eShop as well.



People are obviously still buying games from it that they're keeping it open.It probably doesn't cost them much,if anything so as long as purchases are still being made then there's no point closing it.It's a good sign for the future too,as we know Wii U and more so Switch users will have access to their respective Eshops for many years to come.I think the bigger question is how long will Wii U's online servers stay open?The Wii's was closed a year or so after the Wii U's release but that seemed to be more linked to the closure of the 3rd party that ran the servers.Now that Nintendo run the servers themselves it'll be interesting to see how long they stay open.

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Hopefully they remain open for the next few years.... With Nintendo Killing off the Virtual Console this is our only opportunity to get older games.



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