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Super Smash Bros 3D animation using Brawlbox 1 506 CAP Tue 5th May 2015 by TingLz
Which drum kit to get for wii 6 833 greamec Sun 3rd May 2015 by Grumblevolcano
Do you think Just Dance 2016 and Skylanders 5 are going to get Wii versions? 18 1,865 CrazyOtto Sat 2nd May 2015 by sillygostly
Hard drive specs for backing up Wii, playing other? 1 424 MutantMike Wed 22nd Apr 2015 by KirbyKirbyKirby
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Discussion 4 525 Neko_Ichigofan Tue 21st Apr 2015 by Neko_Ichigofan
Does anyone know if this will work? (For japanese wii) 4 475 xEpicwindx Fri 17th Apr 2015 by OMC79
How to connect to Wii via tethering? 7 512 MutantMike Mon 13th Apr 2015 by ryanator008
Wii DLC still purchasable! 4 649 Grumblevolcano Thu 9th Apr 2015 by DarkEdi
Why are the Wii's of today no longer backwards compatible with Gamecube games and no GC controller ports?

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36 3,015 iPunch_Very_Hard Sat 4th Apr 2015 by Vee_Flames

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42 9,629 SuperMarioFan96 Thu 2nd Apr 2015 by 17wonders
Wii games that you tossed out of your collection and why?

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35 2,276 WaveBoy Thu 2nd Apr 2015 by 17wonders
Australia: Workaround to get Wii Netflix Channel 0 2,769 Luckunorm77 Thu 2nd Apr 2015 by Luckunorm77
Best BC Wii Console's? 8 443 MutantMike Thu 2nd Apr 2015 by DarkEdi
YouTube Channel update (March 2015, NA) 5 1,374 OMC79 Thu 2nd Apr 2015 by DarkEdi
How would I record my Nintendo WII on my HDTV? 1 290 Exoth3rmOfficial Sun 29th Mar 2015 by KingMike
Far Cry Venegance problem 0 259 ubidragon Sat 28th Mar 2015 by ubidragon
Do you guys remember the hit T.V show Pimp my Ride? 1 254 ftstbrayn Thu 26th Mar 2015 by Waluigi
System update not working 8 916 Iceknite41 Mon 23rd Mar 2015 by Tasuki
Me and my friend buy bad games and surprise eachother with them, but i think we unintentionally found a gem. 1 402 ftstbrayn Thu 19th Mar 2015 by Waluigi
Punch-Out Wii Mod Community Request 7 581 Justme13 Sun 15th Mar 2015 by Justme13
How much is my Wii bundle worth? 8 3,172 harvestmoon44 Sun 15th Mar 2015 by HollywoodHogan
Where to get an NTSC Wii Console from being from the UK ? 7 479 XyVoX Mon 9th Mar 2015 by unrandomsam
Why are the GC & Wii Fire Emblem games so expensive?

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24 4,310 SSBMarioFan Mon 9th Mar 2015 by FX102A
Question about Wii Red - 25th anniversary 5 431 Aynil Tue 24th Feb 2015 by kenzo
Wii Virtual Console post Wii U transfer issues, PLEASE HELP! 7 392 ContraZombie4 Fri 20th Feb 2015 by Pkmns