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Star Wars Force Unleashed II
Star Wars Force Unleashed II
Star Wars Force Unleashed II
Star Wars Force Unleashed II

Oh and did I mention Star Wars Force Unleashed II?

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Chegger's Party has to be up there.



1.) final fantasy crystal bearers
2.) mysims
3.) sonic unleashed
4.) where the wild things are

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5) Balls of Fury (My friend invited me over just to play this and the #1 pick of mine. Suffice to say, it wasn't good. Thank goodness we watched the last 8 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist afterwards to rectify that day)
4) Carnival Games (Shoddy gameplay, terrible presentation, and just flat out boring. Technically speaking, it's a better game than Balls of Fury, since it usually works, but that game at least reminded you of the somewhat decent movie it was based on. Not so with this.)
3) Medieval Games (Boring, controls are questionable, is just not that fun at all)
2) Just Dance (It doesn't work. Period.)
1) Ninjabread Man (Yes, I've played it. Thank goodness I didn't spend any money on it. Terrible, just terrible. It goes beyond "LOL this game is so bad" to just be something that you really want to stop playing.)

Yeah, I've played some bad Wii games.

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Best thread ever
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1.Game Party
3..Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

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The only Wii game I've ever sold is Sonic Riders...and I don't sell my games (the only other game I've ever sold was MAG for PS3...both are terrible games lol)

I don't really have many bad Wii games..but if I had to choose from my collection

Sonic Riders (although I don't own it anymore haha)
Mario Party 8
FLING SMASH (I have two copies, too...need to burn both of them)
Mario Sports Mix
..I can't really choose a 5th..the rest of my games aren't bad in my opinion. I'll just say Fling Smash again because it's really just that bad.

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