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Hello all!

Although I know that a video game forum isn't the best place to talk about Wii Fit Plus, I'm sure there are plenty here reading this now (registered or unregistered) who use Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus.

In case you didn't know, Wii Fit Plus has an added feature Wii Fit doesn't have: the My Wii Fit Plus locker room. Here, you can set up your own routine from the many Yoga or Strength Training exercises available in Wii Fit Plus! It's also home to a calorie checker, Fit Credit stats charts, a "Change Your Trainer" option, and a description on what MET means and how it's measured!

The purpose of the thread is to allow those of you who use Wii Fit / Wii Fit Plus to share your Wii Fit routines! While I'm sure those of you who may take part in this thread do work outside of Wii Fit as well, posting your Wii Fit routines would be a pretty cool thing to do for those of us who want to know what you do to stay fit with the product (if you want you can talk about the foods you eat for your diet plan if you have one )!

So I will start by posting my Wii Fit Plus Routine!

It's a 14 minute long routine

1. Deep Breathing
2. Push-Up and Side Plank
3. Sun Salutation
4. Lunge
5. Single-Arm Stand
6. Spinal Twist
7. Deep Breathing

I'm not the biggest guy on the block (I'm rounding out at around 138 pounds), but thankfully my BMI is still at normal (due to my current height and age). I just learned there was a place I can put in how many steps I walked! I might have to give it a look.

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I don't use it much, but mine's 20 minutes, and somewhat like yours. Just more stretching, and more arm strength stuff.


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I always change mine up, but it almost always involves all of the single-leg exercises, tricep extensions, grounded V, the lunge, and the chair pose.

You have the single-arm stand in your routine?! The single-arm stand is basically an entire workout for me. Just one go with that and I'm beat!

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Yeah . The single-arm stand is the big daddy of my routine! For me, the most difficult one to do is the plank. I was going to add it onto my routine, but I didn't want to completely destroy myself right off the bat. Also, the grounded V (and I think the jack knife) is one of the toughest ones to me once they start adding more reps!

And, just asking VincentV, do you have a lot of tough exercises in your 20 minute routine?

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I do 10min. a day four days a week before I go to work after doing other exercises. Normally five bits, but sometimes I change it up a little:

Sunrise Salutation
Standing Knee
Palm Tree

then every two weeks:

Half Moon
Standing Knee
King of the Dance
Palm Tree

occasionally I'll throw in twists or swap out rowing squat for chair. Sometimes I'll end with downward facing dog.

Main thing is keep on with it!

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The main thing really is just keeping up with it. That's also one of the reasons why my routine time is so short.

Also, I'm on day 3 straight for Wii Fit so far (I've been using it off and on, but until recently I haven't been able to do something like this) and I'm loving the little graphs. It's something about looking at them that just make me feel good and motivate me to continue on with this! Apparently the on-screen balance board is happy for me too

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