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Heres a long story for ya. About a year and a half ago some kid broke in my house and only stole (of course) most of my current gen of video games and nothing else (not like my mom didn't have any jewerly),. So I'm looking on eBay for used game prices so I can get an idea of how much insurance money I'll need and I find this one ebayer who just "happened" to have listed all of my games after the proven time of the robbery as one day listings and just "happened" to live in the next town over. So i send an email to the cops and next thing I know (6 months cause they were holding the stuff for "evidence") I get all my games but no consoles or laptop back (they lost my PS3 and the guy never went to court...American justice). Naturally I went out and got a new Wii but there was one problem. The at least 150 game virtual console/wiiware collection, not included. I call up Nintendo and fortunatly, I have a club nintendo account which allowed me to recover the serial number for my old console. One fax to coorperate with the police report and serial numbers of my old and new Wiis later, I get a call saying that all my games are back and a realization that if Nintendo could allow for multiple downloads, that would save people like me a lot of time.

Thought you guys might find that interesting

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It's great that they restored your VC games. It's just a shame that Nintendo have never offered the option to transfer games yourself (like with 3DS), as I'd have had all my VC games on a black Wii rather than being stuck with the old white one.



Pretty awesome that they were able to transfer all the games over for you.
And how lucky that you managed to find that idiot on eBay too!
Sucks that you lost your systems and everything, but at least you still have all your games.


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@real_football Sorry to hear that. My house was robbed around a year ago (hours before I came home from vacation if you can believe it). I had my Wii with me at the time, but sadly my thief wasn't as picky.

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you got lucky,nice to know you got SOMETHING at least back.Its probaubly better living in a small town then in a city because the chances are robbers are lower,you know more prople in the town,etc,but my poor father was living in a city(for work) and got all hes cd's stolen from hes car.



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