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i like the wii u's screen contrroller, 1080p, backwards compatible wii controllers, but im concerned no gamecube style controllers [wireless] are being made for wii u.
i like old forms of controllers but dont like wii's plug in style nunchuk stuff. though i love the wii remote.



Hmm.....Maybe Nintendo will see the clamoring for a normal controller and opt to make one. I personally prefer to use the wiimotes in FPS games because it just feels more natural. But I do know quite a few people that use the ccp and hate that you have to connect it to the Wiimote, so I really hope Nintendo makes a wireless rechargeable ccp.

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I know that some games, like Mario Kart Wii and GoldenEye let you use a Gamecube controller instead of the Wiimote or CCP which means if you can find a Wavebird you will be in business. Of course since they dont make the Wavebird anymore you might have to pay a pretty penny for it but it is definitely worth it. I have four of them which I was luck enough to find at a used game shop for $20 each.

However I dont think the Wavebirds will work with the Wii U since it wont be backwards compatible with the Gamecube.

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