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I'm confused how a nf. Card game is better than say the magic or yugioh games on xbla and pan.

Because being able to play online + IRL >>>>>>> just online.

Also, Magic the Gathering on PSN/ XBLA is an "arcade experience." It's not real Magic. There's no collecting cards, there's no real deck building. The only real magic the Gathering game is the PC Magic the Gathering Online.

I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh at the National level up until a couple of years ago until I went cold turky & stopped dead... used to play a little Magic: The Gathering too until out local gaming store went under. But this idea of playing with physical cards improving the game is just completely WRONG - one of the things that put me off Yu-Gi-Oh in the end was the constant need to have at least three £70+ cards in my deck to win... and it was less about how good you were at the game or your deck building but who could afford to build the deck they read online first. I had much more fun with my tier 2 vehicroids than my Twilight deck.

How could pricing out 90% of the TCG market (and ALL casual players) from buying a game be good business? I still buy the odd YGO game for my DS as not to forget how to play... certainly wouldn't touch a game that requires hundreds of pounds worth of investment every year.

There are lots of other really good uses for NFC yet to be developed, Japan in particular could adapt it to use with their Ganbaride (Kamen Rider) series... you play a hero that can use three of 5 elemental powers (divided up between head, arms & legs), and you switch using medals with NFC chips inside them. Please watch this vid for an idea of how it works:

Basically, physical items could be used to make interaction fun and easier... rather than pausing a game so that you can go through a 5 minute menu to select one of 21 medals, you just pick the right one off the table. I think this is the best use of NFC to start with, to make gaming more interactive & allow more complexity by taking pressure off of long-winded menu systems. You want Zelda to have his iron boots on? Just plonk them on the WiiU, saves spending 5 minutes fiddling with the d-pad!

Sorry, I had to. On topic, the problem with using these things are that they cost money. Skylanders cost a lot of money, but really, does anyone think its worth it? I sure don't, in fact, I'm only collecting them for my Spyro collection... I would love to see these kinds of things, but only if they're very cheap, and in good stock. In fact, I think, for this convinence, $5 at most per set of items... It adds up to too much when buying for multiple games with multiple items... And the other thing is you could just use the controller to switch instead...

Edit: How about they become Club Nintendo items too. That way, you have a chance to get them without paying extra, and everyone can get them without the account. So you can buy them at the shop if you can't order them.

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Honestly... I'm both excited and worried. I made the mistake of buying Skylanders. That game eats money, not to mention the pain of trying to find figurines (stores sell out of them very quickly and the prizes online are skyrocketing). Physically buying content can be a dangerous idea. Of course, with cheaper figurines/cards and with more availability, this could potentially work. It could be even better if the physical items could work with multiple games. Also, having all the figurines included with the game without raising the price (or only raising it minimally) is another option. There are cool possibilities with NFC, I'm just worried how Nintendo (and other big companies) will choose to use it.

One idea I thought of after hearing about NFC applies to Super Smash Bros. In the game, the characters are trophies that come to life, so why not make little "trophies" that the player uses NFC to "send" them into the game? Of course, price is a worry (the figurines could be smaller than Skylanders though), as well as whether it comes with all the figurines. Unlockable/secret characters seem difficult if not impossible to implement. There's the benefit of Nintendo later adding more characters by making more of these figurines, and it seems cool in theory... I just don't know how Nintendo could best implement it.

Basically, I think NFC COULD be great, I just worry that it will be abused.

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