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BUMP... Added 2014 titles!



Not that it needs any more games, but mid Oct also has Skylanders: Swap Force on Sunday Oct 13. Not a must own but the series has it's share of addicts.

October 13 Skylanders: Swap Force

Thanks for the list and the dates, I like the format.

FYI - Sonic, DKC:TF, Lego Marvel, Winter Olympic Games 2014 and Windwaker HD are all $49.99 on Amazon rather than $59.99 for some of the other titles. Lego Marvel even has $10 pre-order Amazon credit, so I just ordered it Glad to see Nintendo sticking w/ that price point for many games.

I don't think W101 is going to sell well at $59.99.

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My list

1. Wind Waker HD
2. Assassin Creed 4
3. Watchdogs
4. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
5. Shovel Knight
6. X
7. Bayonetta 2

1. Sonic Lost World
2. Super Mario 3D World

1. SMT x Fire Emblem
2. Smash Bros. U
3. Rayman Legends (waiting for price drop)
4. Pikmin 3 (waiting for price drop)
5. Wonderful 101 (waiting for price drop)

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