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So i recently purchased super smash bros digital and mario kart 8 dlc digital and i thought my wii u with 32gb would be able to store it all but i was wrong and im worried now that if i buy any other games that i eventually wont be able to save them because there wont be any storage left. so im wondering, if i use up my storage can i not save games or am i being silly



Yes, you wont be able to save anything without storage, but that can be solved easily with a external hard drive.

Nintendo recommends USB hard drives with their own external power supply, though some bus-powered hard drives still work if you purchase a USB Y-Cable. This uses the two USB ports on the back of the Wii U to power the drive. Nintendo also states that hard drives over 2 TB won't work at all

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Save files today by their nature get larger as time goes on, at least with most games. You also don't get 32 GB. I think 8 is dedicated to the Wii U OS. Honestly save yourself the trouble and get an External drive or large USB flash drive.

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@Wolf: yea ok, i messed up big though. i brought super smash bros not knowing that it would be so big and now i dont have a lot of money left and i recently brought mario maker and hyrule warriors, the Mario kart 8 dlc's and hoping to get hyrule warrior dlc but then got impatient with super smash bros and brought it digitally and started downloading it forgetting that the wii u uses up some of the 32gb and i also got mario kart 8 and splatoon bundle with it so now i have around 4.5gb left and only £53 left hoping to have some left over and still get hyrule warriors dlc, dont know what my options are now.

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If you're not looking to spend a lot of money, go for this:

It's cheap, I think on sale at the moment, and I just picked one up, seems to work fine.
This should be able to handle the DLC but remember to COPY files to the flash drive, in case it gets corrupted when you attempt to MOVE. Also, don't put Smash on there if it's on download. I'd leave that on the Wii U's internal memory.


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@UckerzBadderz: thanks thats really helpful shall be getting that, wish it wasnt this late in the evening as i cant use prime anymore.



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