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Yeah my posts keep getting ignored everywhere, just going to make my own thread. >.>
What happens when you transfer custom fighters to Smash U? I heard that after you do you cannot change them at all anymore? Which kinda sucks, mainly for Miis. :/


Your character equipment will be transferred as well. You can change them.

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Azooooz wrote:

Your character equipment will be transferred as well. You can change them.

...I'm confused
I've been told (before Retro's answer I mean, lol) before that everything is locked once they're transferred....


Good question, but I have yet to try it out. I'll probably test it out tonight when I get home. I'll make a random mii fighter give it some basic stats, and transfer it over to the Wii U.

I hope you're able to change it. it would be a pain to have to unlock all custom parts again, but no biggy.

Well, nevermind. You can't customize the Mii fighter when you transfer it to a Wii U.

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Yeah, if it just locks everything then I rather just recreate the Miis. >.>
Darn, no Boss theme from Dream Team, lol.


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