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Dunno what kinda drawings you're seeing bro.

Crap ones

Oh. Well, I'm sorry for that. I've seen quite a few examples of really good ones, so I wouldn't say that's all the system has.
I wish you better luck in coming across decent artwork.

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blackside wrote:

Hope Nintendo sorts this out soon, they've had years to catch up but they've still blown it. All we get is "Miiverse" a completely useless poormans facebook full of crap drawings lol.

You have a funny definition of "poor man" since Facebook is free and Miiverse costed one Wii U

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It seems some developers use the multiple save file feature, some prefer to share it and others do both. It'd obviously be better if there was some sort of consistency but I'm not sure if I can complain too much. It works alright as it is and I didn't have a problem with the lack of the feature in every single Nintendo console before it.

What annoys me though is the way that you can't backup save data... or at least not from what I can tell. It would be awesome if they had some sort of cloud-save feature where your console would backup save data to the cloud at regular intervals. Then if your HDD dies with save data on it or if you simply want to delete something to save space you don't lose anything. Better yet you could, if they allowed it, have linked save data across systems. They should do this.... but they probably won't. IMO the fact that it lacks that feature is more of a problem than other users of the console being able to play on my New SMB U save.

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