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Just wondering if any of you have found the Lego City disc a little noisy, and also it seems to take the Wii U a little longer to read the disc before showing up on the menu?

I have checked the disc, there's no marks/scratches or anything, my Wii U reads all my other games without the noise and far quicker.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback, I have the PAL version.



Well I dont own the game yet but ill probably download it... But my Zombiu Disc noise is ridiculous its the only game I have that does it

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I've noticed it. I had to launch the game from the Miiverse menu thing. The WiiU is noisy when any game is in the system, even when the game is not being used. I find myself having to take a disk out even when I'm not using it because it makes the system a lot quieter.


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Many Thanks! guys for the feedback, it really is greatly appreciated, you've now put my mind at ease some what as it does indeed sound as though there's no problem with my disc.

@BradPJ you said: "Takes the Wii U longer to recognize the game at the menu." this is exactly what I was worried about, simply as I've never had this with any other Wii U game, so it did seem strange.

I have played a bit of the game 15-30mins or so (awesome game by the way) and have had no problems at all "touch wood"



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