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hey guys, i have a problem..
i bought my wiiu a couple a days ago to play MH3U =) and i would love to play online, but i have a problem.
my Router is to far away for the wiiu to catch a decent signal, now i see a couple of options.
ATM i don't have money to buy the RJ45 converter or whatever it's called
my computer is plugged to the internet via USB wireless pen, can i create like a point for the wiiu to connect to my pc then internet?
or is there any way to plug the pen to the wiiu for it to receive more signal?
is there anyway to boost the wiiu Signal strength?
plz help =)
MH lp's
and more =)


The lack of funds is what's holding you back. Even if you manage to get a cheaper USB network adapter (typically cost around $10) running a much longer ethernet cable will cost you even more. I lived in a 2-story house with my wireless router located on the upper floor (master bedroom) & my Wii U in my kitchen on the 1st floor at the opposite site of the house - the distance from one point (hotspot) to another (Wii U) is quite long but I still get a very good Wi-Fi signal. The fact that you can't even get a decent Wi-Fi signal leds me to wonder how big is the house you're living in. A typical older wireless G router has a decent signal range enough to blanket an entire house (even if your Wii U is on your basement) & few feet of the surrounding backyard . A wireless N router or a much newer 802.11ac wireless router has even greater range. Purchasing a wireless extender no matter how cheap still cost more. In other words, you're looking for a solution that won't involve having to spend even a little amount of money.

1) If you owned a smartphone ( Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone) you can extend the signal of your wireless router by using your smartphone as a Wi-Fi range extender or as a virtual hotspot. WARNING: If you wanna do this just make sure not to use you're smartphone data signal but your home internet signal (3G, 4G/LTE) or you'll end up paying more when you receive your next monthly cellphone bill unless you have an unlimited data plan which is now almost impossible to get. There's couple of smartphone apps out there that you can download some of them free & some not (ex: Mobile Wi-Fi router, WMWifiRouter, HTC WiFi Router, etc.).

2) You forgot to mention what type of USB wireless pen you have (brand & model) on your PC. Anyway, such wireless adaptor like this is not designed to transmit Wifi signal but to receive it. There's a way to make it work as a virtual hotspot by downloading a free software (ex. Virtual Router, Virtual Hotspot Free, Mi Public WiFi, etc.). Check the links below or Google search for more.

Virtual router -
Virtual Hotspot Free -
My Public WiFi -

3) There's also has a newer spec called Wi-Fi Direct technology (which I heard Microsoft will be incorporating on the next Xbox) that Intel is implementing in competition with DLNA which allows you to make use of you're computer wireless signal to act as a hub or virtual hotspot but this kind of spec is hardware specific & comes only on specified Intel Wireless hardware. Anyway, I think your best choice is the second one. Also, if you're creating a virtual hotspot you need to update your wireless network settting on your Wii U.

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Try and make a satellite out of aluminum foil. Seriously, look it up. I tried it but it didn't work for me... There's probably a way you can make it work with out buying another product, like putting your router next to a vent, or moving around the antenna.
If none of those work, your going to have to buy something.


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