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First of I know I could search google for this but my internet is being upgraded by Virgin today and it took a good 5 - 10 minutes to just get on this website and log in. So am hoping a few members will help me out and answer a few questions.

As it stands I am only getting 2 games for the Wii U for Christmas. ZombiU (comes with console) and Sonic & All Stars Racing. I have been meaning to pick up FIFA 13 for 360 or PS3 but I thought ill get it for the Wii U instead. How ever I just want a few things answered.

1, Is FIFA Ultimate Team on this? I got the Vita version at launch and that never had Ultimate Team.

2, If Ultimate Team is on the Wii U version. Are you able to buy gold packs from the Eshop like you can on Xbox Live and PSN?

3, On the Vita version you could use the screen to shoot and pass. I remember seeing a video of the Wii U version a few weeks ago. I know you can use the tablet controller to pass the ball but there was no mention of shooting with the touch screen. So can you shoot at goal with the Wii tablet touch screen?

4, How is the online side of things? Any quitters or random dissconections or bad lag?




Don't bother with the Wii U version. There isn't any Ultimate Team, which is unfortunate.

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