Topic: I think The simpsons arcade is coming later this year

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some reason i have a feeling this will happen,I think is my kind of year.

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Well, who the eff can argue with that evidence.

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konami need to get the simpsons licence again, and then emulate that particular arcade board for the wii VC, then get the ratings and then wait for nintendo to release it.
it`s gonna take time and money, which i doubt konami are willing spend, especially as the VC is pretty much dead.
nintendo should have put the VC arcade up much sooner, and it might have happened. but as things stand, i doubt that it will ever come out.
if by some miracle that konami do put up the simpson arcade game onto the VC, i will be among the first to download it.

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OP's word is gospel!



Claims like these need sources, unless it's a discussion thread.

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Has anybody played this lately.
It's worth about one play through,and like most of these type of games from the time totally boring.

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Supergeoff wrote:

some reason i have a feeling this will happen,I think is my kind of year.

We certainly hope you're right! Until then, please be more careful regarding how you word a topic (it was a bit misleading before), and if you'd like to discuss games you want to see on the VC, feel free to use this thread here. :3

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