Topic: Do you think Knuckles Chaotix will come to the VC?

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I really want this game! Do you think it has a chance to be on the VC?

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I sure hope so.

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I hope so I never goten a chance to play it before.

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It'll probably come when they start adding 32X games to the VC. However, don't expect to see it for a few years at least.


Given that the 32X is pretty much not a new system 9according to VC reasoning), I deem this possible (though there has to be some reason as to why this was not released in Sonic Gems Collection...).

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I played it when I used to own a 32x. I don't forsee the 32x being added anytime soon since we just got C64 and VCA, but I think it will happen when Nintendo and Sega run out of Genesis games. Chaotix is good but not great. It has sharp visuals and nice music but the controls get a little weird since your tied to another character. If it is released it's easily worth a download.

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