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Can be magazine or TV commericals.

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Nothing will ever be better than this:

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Segata Sanshiro FTW with his weird japanese commercials for the Sega Saturn!

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thanks to the internet I got to know some of those(when I became a gamer things were normal already)

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Tetris 2 might not be a better game, but it did get an even better commercial. EXPLODING HOUSES FTW!


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Love them old Dreamcast commercials

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Not a video advert, but I used to LOVE the old Ocean adverts for the 8 and 16-bit home computers. Every one of them was ridiculously corny, and half of them made me hate myself for buying a game at full price, as it advertised the game that I had purchased - now bundled in a compilation with four other titles - for the same money.


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