Topic: Which Game Boy Color games are worth buying?

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I have several original Game Boy games, but I only have one Game Boy Color game [Tomb Raider]. Which Game Boy Color games are worth buying?
The three games I considered buying are Wario Land 2 and 3, and Link's Awakening DX.



The Wario Land games and Link's Awakening are always good choices. However, there were several other games for the GBC that were excellent. I really liked Metal Gear Solid, Bionic Commando: Elite Forces, Super Mario Bros. DX, and Crystalis to name a few games that were GBC only. Crystalis especially is a game that a Zelda fan should love. A highly underrated game.

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I have Rayman and Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages wich are both fantastic.... Dont forget Shantae if you can find it. If you do and find two let me know and Ill buy it from you

@Ikaruga..... (great game first off) Bionic Commando released on GBC? Is it the same as the NES?

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slapshot82 wrote:

Dont forget Shantae if you can find it. If you do and find two let me know and Ill buy it from you

I found a used copy of Shantae on Amazon, but it costs $109!! I'm not paying that much money! I'll just have to look somwhere else...



Zelda Oracles, and DKC, Pokemon Crystal. My personal faves



Oracle series, Wario land 3, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

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Bionic Commando: Elite Forces was a unique game in the Bionic Commando series. It had a lot in common with the NES original but for starters it actually let you save! It had great graphics for the GBC at the time and I remembered loving it as a kid. If you like the other Bionic Commando games, it is definitely worth a look. If you want to play the original, there is a great port of it on Capcom's Mini Mix for the GBA, which can be easily had for cheap (I got mine for 5 bucks!)

And yes, Ikaruga is truly great!

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