Topic: The rise and fall of Rare :(

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@WaveBoy I haven't played it yet, but I've heard the music from it before. Cool music here by David Wise!

Here's some gameplay footage..

Looks like a really cool, fun game to play!

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Rare stole the VC Donkey Kong Country games and sold them to Microsoft! The barstewards!!

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Sony_70 wrote:

Seems we have this thread every few months.

Also how excatly does rare suck now? I would agree that current day rare fails to live up to the nintendo era stuff in most casesx but to say they now suck or have fallen would be incorrect.

All of their games under microsoft with the expection of two (grabbed by the gouhlies and Perfect Dark) have been well recived. Not only that but the current output is probably the most success rare as a company has had thus far.

Not only that but its obvious that Rare has begun working on next gen games from a few job postings and the fact they have been staffing up lately grabbing guys like Craig Duncan and Simon Woodroffe.

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"Also how exactly does rare suck now?"

Because their not the same Rare anymore. Chris & Tim Stamper left the company, as well as many of the key developers, which is essentially what made "Rare" so special. Those talented and creative people. As the previous Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi said "Yamauchi believed that technicians did not create excellent games, but artists did." <--- This.

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