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I got this game last summer bundled with the Maracas for a good bargain price of $60. I had so much fun playing the game when I got it and I was just addicted! But unfortunately, one of th maraccas just stopped working. I guess I could sorta still have a bit of fun playing with just the one, but I picked it up trying it with the controller instead. Here are the pros. It's a bit easier to play with the controllers, and you don't have to go through the process of setting up the maraccas every time you wanna play. But I discovered the novelty just isn't there. But it's still not bad. But most reviewers say the game sucks when you have to use a controller. I dissagree. What are YOUR thoughts?

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Well for me I enjoy it more with the Maracas then the controller,the controller is also fun but what really made this game so superb were the Maracas,it's just so much fun to use them. Also sorry to hear that one of the Maracas stop working for you.

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Lucky you. Having always wanted to play Samba I picked up the Wii one. Man, it's just so broken... I have a pal DC so maybe I should try and find a copy.

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