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Can anyone tell me the reason behind super Mario bros/duck hunt label variants. I have a copy of each one with the nintendo logo in the middle and one at the bottom. One dosent have the official nintendo seal of quality on it either. I can't find much info other than a website called "nintendo oddities 7". I just want to know why and if either is rare or worth more or maybe bootleg? Thanks everyone. Power to the players!



Sometimes a variant is a production error; more often it's just an asthetic change for a re-release. A fairly substantial amount of my Atari 2600 carts are variant label copies (particularly the early releases with the plain text labels vs stylish art labels).

I do wonder why one of my NES Kid Icarus carts has the title in bold, red letters, while the other has it in purple letters. Of course, i still wonder when, how and why i acquired a 2nd Kid Ic cart (the second cart magically appeared in my collection more than 10 years ago). I have just assumed that my insane love for the game caused it to spontaeously duplicate.

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