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So I had a NES as a kid, and I remember playing a game which I cannot find by googeling.
Have had this game on my mind for some years now so my memory might not be prefect.

Anyway the game is a 2d shooter in where you avoid creatures by shooting them or escaping them. If i remember correctly you are in a cave or warehouse or something where you move both left, right and up.

As you progress and find loot you get better guns/abilities and more shots are fired in the direction you are facing. If you have a lot of projectiles you shoot in a wavelike pattern (Kind of like a soundwave).

If you duck down and press select your character becomes a "spikeball" that cannot stand still but will kill any enemy it hits.

Might not be enough information, or might be 2 games combined to one in my head. But just need to see if anyone can help me find this childhood game.

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This sounds suspiciously like ‘Metroid’ on the NES. Everything you’ve said from the cave, the shooting, the build up of better guns and the way they fire is very similar. You can also turn into a ball and roll around, but you do it by pressing down on the d-pad.

As for rolling in a spike ball that sounds a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sorry if these are too obvious (both are very well known games) but those are the first (mainly Metroid) that come to mind.

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