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On November 21st, 1994, in North America, Donkey Kong Country was released. He took the gaming world by storm and the game was, and is, called the greatest game of all time. It spawned two sequels for the "Super NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM" and the first "Donkey Kong Country" game was ported on the "Game Boy Color" and the trilogy "Game Boy Advance". Four years ago, "Donkey Kong Country Returns" was met with the same praise as it's predecessors. "Donkey Kong Country Returns" also has a "NINTENDO 3DS" port which was released last year. Now the newest game in the "Donkey Kong Country" series, "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze", will be releasing a little under a month from now. What was your first "Donkey Kong Country" game? Mine was a fan game called "Donkey Kong Rumble". I loved it so much that I downloaded a censored to play censored. I never knew it was illegal ( I was young and naive).

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The first donkey kong country game I played was the first of the trilogy, and my favorite of the trilogy.



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