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Today I am going to give my thoughts on the 1983 Activision VCS (2600) game, Plaque Attack.
First off, this is a shooter. It's a different shooter though because you play as a tube of toothpaste and your goal is to shoot various foods such as burgers, candy canes, and french fries to defend the teeth. If a food comes in contact with a tooth, it flashes yellow and rots. Sometimes though, you can save the teeth. As the game progresses, the food goes down (or up) in more complicated patterns which makes the game, of course harder. One unique thing about this game is the fact that your tube can travel anywhere on the screen, it can even flip! Loose all teeth though, and its game over. You'll also need to hurry as you only have a limited amount of toothpaste. As most VCS (2600) games, you can change the difficulty.

I first played this game on Activision Classics on the PS1, and along with Enduro, it was one of my favorite games on the collection. It's just so unique compared to every other shooter out there. Yeah I know the VCS (2600) was filled with unique games, but lets face it, a lot of them weren't that great. This game on the other hand, it's a load of fun. It also rarely flickers which is a good thing. It's a fun arcady style shooter filled with replay value. Like most Activision games, this game features a special patch after getting 35,000 points.

One thing I didn't know about this game though is that it's considered an educational title! That surpised me because I knew most education titles sucked. Even Steve Cartwright, the games programmer, said he made it for people to develop good eating habits! Well, even if this considered an education title, I still like it.
Gameplay video:

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I loved Plaque attack from Activision Anthology. I thought it was a great game, I even once had a daydream where dentist offices would have this and Dolphin, another great 2600 title.
This, Pressure Cooker, Ecco Jr. and Rayman Mathematics (PSX) were educational titles I actually enjoyed.

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I enjoyed playing Plaque Attack from Activision Anthology. Great game. It was a shame that Plaque Attack wasn't being sold at the flea markets I went to for buying Atari2600 games back in the late 1980's and early 1990's.



How about you just use the one thread instead of making a new one everyday?

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I agree - use one thread or start a blog please, dude.


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Sadly, I must concur with FATEM and Pros.
@cheetah - However, there is a way you can still make these Retro Game Thoughts without having to make another thread. It'll seem awkward, seeing as it will no longer be about just one game anymore, but I'm sure you can handle it: change the game title on your topic title [Edit Comment 1], but only when you talk about the next game.
Either way, your threads are really good.

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