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Nintendo and Sony for the win, Microsoft ehh.
Psalm 51.

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Nintendo and Microsoft better be ready for war.



Bankai wrote:

I die of a happy heart attack on Feb 20.

Just putting that out there.

we all will......its gonna be a very empty world on the 21st


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They're actually going to be broadcasting the public execution of LulzSec. Kaz Hirai will be wearing the chieftain outfit from the second Indiana Jones movie as he pulls out a hacker's heart.



I'm actually not that enthusiastic, but I've already resided myself to never getting the next set of consoles, anyways.

I can certainly understand everyone else's enthusiasm, though. I'm sure it'll be a good day for all of us in the end.

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Jack Tretton be praise as he bings us to the FUTURE!

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

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This is Sony so it won't be a let down like Nintendo, so...

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Now I will have to decide whether to save my money for a Wii U or PS4. Easy decision, PS4.

@WhoKnew: I'm not talking about THAT fake ''console wars''. There has been a REAL console war ever since the SNES VS Genesis days, and it's called competition.

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@Knux: Sucks for you, I will have both. And of course competition exists, I'm just talking about the fanboys who argue over these things. It's much better to game on multiple consoles if you can afford it. More games for ya.

Speculation: I wonder what types of changes the controller will get. Can't wait till the 20th!

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I wasn't that excited by this. I like the playstation but this for some reason didn't excite me.

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IAmNotWill wrote:

@Knux: Sucks for you, I will have both.

You shouldn't always take me seriously, because I intend to buy both also. It sure is going to be hell on my wallet buying both though.

However, Nintendo is going to have be on their toes if Sony is already bringing out the big gun this soon.



Next gen will be Wii U with either the PS4 or PC for me, so I'm excited to see what the PS4 will be like so I can make a firm decision.

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I look forward to seeing what Sony dishes out. Then two days later I'll be buying Rayman Legends. Oh, and I finish my Insanity work-out program two days before.
That's looking to be an excellent week.

Best thread ever
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IAmNotWill wrote:

It's the internet. How should we know when to take someone seriously?

I think all 3 companies will be in good shape for the new generation. I'll totally buy the NextBox if MS can put some games on it.

Don't forget the Steambox!

After my horrible experience with the Xbox 360, I'm probably going to pass on the Xbox 720 unless the console is designed well and they are some amazing games on it.



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