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Topic: Post your dream crossovers!

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Hey! My name is Blastoise-san and I think its about time I finally started a thread. I wanna make a thread where people can post crossovers they wanna see happen and explain why and how it could work.
I'll go first!
Harvest Moon X Pokemon. Explanation: I'm a huge Pokemon and Harvest Moon lover. I think a Pokemon X Harvest Moon game would work because a Pokemon game with in depth as characters as Harvest Moon would be amazing. There are qualities that Harvest Moon that would totally work in a Pokemon game.
How about you?

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There is this thread to discuss video game crossovers if you wish to do so.


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Hi, my name is DarkwingLz and I would like to see a Fire Emblem/Shining Force crossover

Btw, I like how you started with your name

Ah, let's continue the discussion on that thread already in progress. http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/general_discussion/video_g...

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