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As of recently, I did not not envision this doing well.

There's very little appeal for most consumers, and there's practically no way of knowing what the heck it is without following gaming sites. That demographic isn't large enough to purchase any worthwhile amount of systems, therefore there's not much sense in developing for it when there are other easy platforms out there.

It seems as if this will be a fad or hip thing to have amongst a very small crowd, and in a year or two we'll never hear about it ever again.

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If I need a well thought out syllogism each time I point out someone's naivety on this site, I may fly through keyboards faster than Lohan goes through liquor bottles. lol

lmao I love reading through some of my old posts



Yeah a work mate got one and I can say from experience that it isn't very good. Controller lag was terrible and is a massive deal breaker for a gaming console... Especially nowadays



Even in their Marketing they have to show another controller and an illegal rom.


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The second next gen console launches today in the form of OYUA.

Please. If you are going to count OUYA as a next gen system you might as count PCs as a next gen system.

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I think this sums up the console and the state of things pretty well.


Uhrman's obnoxious style of sales pitching has also really put me off. If this thing survives long enough to see a revision and get its issues resolved I might consider one again, but for now it looks like one big nightmare that I want to stay far away from.

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