Topic: Is the 3DS powerful enough to support hand drawn animations?

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Is it powerful to support hand drawn? Cause after playing SteamWorld Dig, I wonder why games like Shantae Half Genie Hero or Child of Light are not coming on 3DS?

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Artwark wrote:

Is it powerful to support hand drawn? Cause after playing SteamWorld Dig, I wonder why games like Shantae Half Genie Hero or Child of Light are not coming on 3DS?

I'm not sure about Shantae, but I remember one of the developer diaries for Child of Light talking about it being taxing - they originally were going to have to give Aurora short hair due to limitations (that they eventually worked around). I've seen one review mention some rare slowdown on the XB1 version, and we already know they couldn't get the game up to 1080p on the Wii U. With that in mind, there's no way the 3DS could even come close to handling the game.

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The 3DEES power struggle is why alot of developers are leaving it behind... Be prepared for truckloads of kiddie casual games for the duration of its life now



Well didn't we get Rayman Origins? That used the UbiArt engine if I'm correct and it looked pretty good, not sure if it depends on the art style however,




well almost anything is powerful enough for those, the problem is that not everything can take those in higher image quality and it's not worth it to make hand drawn stuff if you can't take the visuals up to the max.
of course what I said only counts if someone actually uses REAL hand drawn animations and not computer generated ones that look hand drawn

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Yeah, basically any system can handle hand drawn animations.

The image quality of said animations is another thing, though.

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Hand-drawn animations normally have extremely high resolution, so they're getting scaled-down to the best resolution the console can handle. Strictly speaking, most of those are scaled down a lot already, but when importing them to 3DS environment, they're gonna have to scale it down even more due to screen res alone. But when taking its power into account, Ubisoft would have to rework the entire game just to make it work at all.

Just look at games like BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II or Rayman Origins - they both look awful compared to the original console versions, and they are based on hand-drawn animations. But it just doesn't work.

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