Topic: How much Video game music have you memorized?

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I've probably memorized way too much video game music. I most of the classics. I know entire soundtracks of certain games. There are probably hundreds of songs that I can recall with near perfect accuracy off the top of my head, and more that I'll remember by just hearing a small part.


Bridge Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog on Master System. I hum that all the damn time.

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Lots of it.

Super Mario Bros overworld, Zelda overworld, Green Hill Zone, Song of Storms, Zelda's lullaby, Pokemon main theme, Pokemon battle theme, Metroid Prime menu theme, Super Smash Bros Brawl theme, Melee theme, Metal Gear Solid "Encounter", Star Fox Corneria, Gourmet Race, Mute City, Theme of Samus Aran, there is more.......

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If I listed all of the videogame music I have listened to in my life, you would be reading my list for 25 and a half hours.

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chemical zone from sonic 2.


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I love video game music.
In fact, I have a lot of it memorized, from many games.

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Machu wrote:

lz2010 wrote:

'memorized', not 'owned'

Both, I've memorized just about all those songs I've downloaded.

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OK OK jeez.

Anyone who has played Rabbids go Home will know what tune has been stuck in my head for the last two weeks, I'm trying to find it, so as to share my pain, but can't.

Ba-doop-boo-boo-Ba-doo-doo-doooh... D:

must... find...

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It's not like I try to memorize them. I just hear the songs over and over until it gets stuck in my head.
I really like the song "Rose of May" from FFIX. Or at least the piano collections version.

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