Topic: For all you guys unsure about ps3s vs xbox 360s

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Pretty much, I just get tired of how nobody on PS3 uses mic's. Team games like CoD really stink when you can't communicate, lol. I think the fact that I can only get Banjo-Kazooie on XBLA is a huge factor...I have so much nostalgia for that game.

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Hmm banjo is fun, only played the n64 one and it was fun. However, its weird for me that in online gaming i dont like communicating with people lol, my voice sounds weird when i do, but i do love it when theres a mutual feeling of teamwork without even having to speak (as in people backing u up and following behind u to support u, not even knowing where ure going lol). Also my parents would always be like "why are you talking to strangers u don't know! don't let me catch u talking to random people again". I cant bear that hassle lol

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