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Sounds nice! I won't get it because I already have the complete collection on my vita, but it will be interesting to see the new 3d models.

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as usual, despite the fact that I really don't need it, I'll be buying it. Can't get enough FF4 ever - I think Square Enix realizes that all they need to do is stick FF4 anywhere near a title and they'll earn whatever they want to charge from me every time.

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Wasn't it originally an iOS game and then ported to PSP?

Anyway, not surprised that SE is combining its two favorite things - going back to the goldmine and mobile games.

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No, it was a common phone game. You know, the old school kind.

A big bad thing about it is that (being a mobile game) it's separated in chapters... So the game feels kinda broken, in a literal way.

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Tasuki wrote:

Ummm wasn't it an iOS game to begin with?

According to Wikipedia (I know...), it was initially released on a few Japanese only mobile phones (neither an Apple or Android product), then was released worldwide on WiiWare, followed by a PSP release in an FFIV compilation, and finally this upcoming iOS/Android 3D remake.


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Remember there used to be phones before the iPhone? I know I do. I also remembered they could play games, too. Really, really, really crappy games. But games nonetheless. guys are making me feel old...

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@RR529: Ah ok I could have sworn it was iOS but I guess I was mistaken. I remember hearing about it before WiiWare and was hoping that it would have come to a Nintendo platform instead of the phone.

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