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Please post your gamertag, etc and any other additional details you would like to share if you're down with some Dead Island co-op.

I've completed my first playthrough with Sam B and I've now restarted with Xian. Currently level 3 and just cleared the lifeguard station.

Gamertag: Ma9i
It's the number "9" not the letter "G"



From what Ive heard. Playing online co-op triggers the game save error so count me out bud. On 360 at least.

Once theyve patched it then I will be in. Untill then offline playthrough.

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patch has been released now that hopefully fixes issues. I will start playing online.

Also Radiant Silvergun is out. What a week.

Wii U needs games that can compete at this level.

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F Zero GX fan forever


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