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I'm a fully fledged Metroid addict so there's little choice for the top of my new game list, but I'm always interested in what other people are keeping an eye on.. what are folk here hoping to see announced/given a date?

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solid dates for metroid, yoshi and fire emblem would be nice. super mario 3d world (but I doubt that since we already have new super mario this year) but Im really looking forward to some new surprise announcement from nintendo to totally blow my socks off. I would also love to see final fantasy 7 receive a physical announcement. some more classic retro collections and last but not least really want the game bastion on a physical cart (been waiting a long time to play that one n I dont download) cheers!

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A legend of zelda in the distant future where link is training a new hero of time, his descendant (grandson). Think old man link( like old man Logan from xmen). And you have to swap between characters for puzzles that 1 can do but the other cant. That would actually be pretty dope with changing up the norm of the series



Advance Wars
Pokemon Snap 2
Crazy Taxi

None will happen.



@nintendobynature some interesting ideas there. Im actually hoping zelda goes back to giant dungeons with head scratching puzzles. for all of botw's merit it didn't really scratch that spot n didn't really feel like a zelda game to me. if we could get the n64 titles remade in hd on a cart for the switch I would be able to finally get my zelda fix on the switch. anyway I hope we get zelda in some shape n form this year!



Ha I was just thinking about a Pokemon Snap sequel. It would be extremely cool, but indeed it's extremely unlikely.

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@Franklin intelligent systems really need to give us some more advance wars!




Think it's been very much usurped by Fire Emblem.



@Painay yea ive been thinking about this story line for a while and how cool it would be. As much As I love link and would never want to play as anyone else but him, I think creating a new hero of time on a New timeline would be sweet. I'm with you on adding any zelda to the switch with the exception of triforce hero's or anything like it. I'd happily pay and play oot and mm all over again for the 4th or 5th time. They really need to do something more with the zelda series on switch. Gameboy color collection, ds collection with a gba, n64, or gamecube collection of Zelda games would all be welcome. And I guarantee well all pay again for them. Low hanging fruit and Nintendo can snatch it up so easily. Even better though, I'd be happy with a new 2d zelda with a hold out for the big one 3d zelda next year. I'd also love to see them implement the links awakening story line into the botw engine. All those islands off the cost of hyrule in botw make for a reason for link to accidentally travel to 'koholint island'. Makes sense to me but who knows what Nintendo will do.



Ever since I got a Pro Controller, I realized how bad and uncomfortable the Joy - Cons are. The Switch is great, and honestly the only thing besides battery life that keeps handheld mode from being great is the Joy Cons being mandatory. I REALLY wish that this year, Nintendo takes the "Pro - Con" path. Just imagine playing in handheld mode with the comfort of a Pro Controller, but with the size and flexibility of a Joy Con!

@Franklin I've been asking for Crazy Taxi on a Nintendo console for years

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@Franklin well as someone who prefers sword n sorcery over modern day warfare I suppose I cant complain



@nintendobynature any of those suggestions sound good to me! I would love a link to the past remade in some shape n form (link between worlds didn't do it for me- too damn easy!) but as you say zelda is easy money for nintendo so I'm sure they cooking something up behind scenes I just hope we get served that dish this year but since we only kind of just had a brand new zelda it will most likely be some form of remake..



I wish a new Wave Race game and to play VC games (that I bought on the Wii and Wii U) on my Switch.


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Just want Metroid Prime 4 but 2019 is already amazing enough as is.

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I get over 2,000 wishes. You're a lot nicer than that Genie fellow

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1. Mario Kart 9
2. GameCube Ports
3. MP4 Release
4. Spyro Switch
5. Wonderful 201
6. WarioWare Switch
7. New 2D Metroid
8. New 2D Mario
9. A Link Between Worlds Sequel
10. Wave Race Switch
2019. Phoenix Wright Switch

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@Painay see I agree with you on everything except for one little thing. ALBW may be my favorite game of all time ūüėÜ lol. But it was on the easier side which i can enjoy every now and then. I'm still good with ALTTP being remade again though!



Unlikely but I can dream wishes:
1. Massive overhaul to Nintendo Switch online, bringing messaging, voice chat, parties, all to the Switch.
2. Purchasable retro game console emulators either from the eshop or on Switch game cards, with the ability to buy either collections of games at a "deal" price, or individually as set prices. Rights holders outside Nintendo will be able to set their own prices. Each Emulator would come with 5 games off the bat that you would get to choose from a preset list of launch titles.
3. Switch Pro confirmed, same form factor as base model, improved battery life, more internal storage, portable screen stretched to the edges ditching most of that wasted space, the newer Terga chip adding some more muscle and 1080p support in portable. Also a new dock design that can double as a table top mode stand.

Realistic wishes: (of things we don't already know)
1. Bluetooth headphone support or even a Nintendo specific wireless headset for just audio (no voice chat)
2. Gamecube games, either remakes or modified ports - possibly a software update making the Switch recognize the analogue L/R buttons on Gamecube controllers.
3. More ports of Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 era games, in specific, Mario Maker, Xenoblade and X, the Kingdom Hearts HD collections, the Zelda HD remasters, GTA 5, Fallout 3 and/or New Vegas, Mass Effect trilogy... among others.
4. Official alternative joy-con designs. A D-pad joy-con, "pro" joy cons, or some kind of larger form factor.
5. A redesigned dock and a new Switch with a better battery and more storage but no other changes.

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My Wishes eh? Well I guess....

-A Solid Release Date for Yoshi's Crafted World

-More info on & A Release Date for Animal Crossing for Switch

-Announcment of A New Donkey Kong Country from Retro Studios

-Mario as DLC in the Switch version of Crash team Racing and Crash & Sonic added as DLC to MK8 Deluxe.

-A Kid Icarus Game for Switch

-A Star Fox Game for Switch (No Star Link Doesn't count)

-A Mario Golf Game for Switch

-More 3rd Party support with some exclusives from Capcom, Sega, Namco, etc

-More Awesome Nindies

-A Few Big Surprises!

  • Captain Toad & Toadette in Smash dag nab it!!

Eagerly Awaiting Animal Crossing for Switch!


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