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This was a surprise. The guys at Image & Form sure are creative with SteamWorld, seeing as the franchise ranges from Metroidvania to RPG.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

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A bizarre musical mashup filled with Yes, Queen, and some other things.

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I'm excited for it! It gives me Slay the Spire vibes, I'm hoping for a lot of depth in team/deck building.



For anyone who wants to learn a bit more about the game, NintenDaan got to play the game for few hours and interviewed Image & Form's CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson:

I've really enjoyed the SteamWorld series and I hope Quest is just as good as the previous games, if not even better. Heist is my current favorite. I enjoy card games and RPGs but I've not played a combination of those two. I've been meaning to get Slay the Spire which has quite similar look to it.

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Looks good.

I look forward to purchasing the inevitable physical version from LRG, SRG, or whomever.

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Having spent a solid 6 hours with the game I’ve got to say overall I’m very disappointed with it. I’m a big fan of the Dig games and even thought Heist was good (even though I didn’t complete it).

Quest is too linear, giving no real scope for exploration. It’s basically some connected “rooms” and most chapters hold you by the hand as you go through room after room to complete your goal. Then a new chapter begins and completely ruins any immersion in the world.
The combat is fun at first but after fighting the same enemies a dozen times it gets boring and you’ll hold the speed up button to get through them as fast as possible. The story is shockingly dull for an image and form game, usually their strong point, but it honestly feels like they rushed this out the door because they cared less about it than you will if you play it.

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Bummer - I did see some reviews mentioning weak story. That's not really something I care about much in video games, but the combat did seem to get repetitive for most people. Lots of holding that fast forward button, it seems.

I don't know. Was gonna get some eShop credit today to buy it, but maybe I'll hold back for a bit.



After a couple of hours in, I would say it's not as good as Dig 2 or Heist, but it's still fun and quirky. It's a very relaxing, casual game, which I like.

*Edit, corrected Quest to Heist.

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DarkSim01 wrote:

After a couple of hours in, I would say it's not as good as Dig 2 or Quest, but it's still fun and quirky. It's a very relaxing, casual game, which I like.

I think I am going to get it tonight or tomorrow. I like relaxing and casual games....




This is Quest. I assume you meant Dig 2 or Heist?

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thanks for the review, I was kinda guessing that would be the outcome from watching some gameplay. Maybe I'll pick it up in a year or when the price drops. I've got too many RPGs backed up now with all the Final Fantasy drops..... kinda bad timing for them to release this now



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